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  • Ebony Brewer

Final Reflection

This semester was a doozey! This was by far my most difficult class. It really challenged me as a writer and a reader. A lot of the articles we had to read were very dense and packed full of words I never knew existed. Writing is not something I particularly enjoy, at least not for school. I don't like all of the rules that come with writing papers. I think writing purely for expression is more enjoyable, and when so many rules are applied it feels suffocating. Nevertheless, I do realize papers are a necessary evil (rules and all) and, as a result, this class did help me to improve my writing skills. The papers were demanding and I really had to apply myself in order to do well.

As I mentioned earlier, writing is not an activity I find enjoyable, and my opinion still stands. This class did help me see writing from a different perspective as we explored many different concepts and applications of writing. My favorite article we read this semester was the one about black newspapers during the push for civil rights. I have never heard anyone discuss the topic of black masculinity and its effect on the black community. I also really enjoyed the article about forgetting machines.

This class also helped me to gain more confidence as a writer. Dr. Frances's feedback was very kind and encouraging. I was very surprised at my grades for the first few papers in this class. There were papers I thought I did poorly on that I still got an "A" on. Overall, I am very proud of my work this semester. I missed only a small number of assignments and was able to do well in the class.

I am so excited to get a break from school! I will be able to focus more on other things on my life's to do lists. Thanks for coming with me on my journey this semester. I plan on enjoying my summer and embracing the beautiful weather! I am so over the cold! As soon as I graduate, I'm moving back to Florida lol. Here's hopin'!

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